Lyrical Quires


i.e., Books that render a photographic life informed by M.A. & B.F.A. degrees at Wayne State University, commercial image production on east-, west-, mid-, & gulf-coasts, in addition to study under numerous working professionals in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These collections are infused with curiosity and the lyricism found in everyday life; ranging from the backyard to various corners of the planet.

Quatrain23 Vacancy Signs

What's a Quatrain?

In the literary world, a quatrain is a style of poetry limited to four line stanzas of any kind; rhymed, metered, or otherwise. Here, poetry takes the form of photographic constructions. Removed from its original intent and context, an image is made part of a visually flowing sequence to create a new whole. Interpretation relies on viewer participation, so let life be your guide to discovering content, or just visit my blog — Thinking Outloud. The idea of Quatrain ƒotographic was born here!

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